8 Reasons Why Nigerians Students Must Consider Studying In Philippines

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Nigerian students in Philippines-Hi dear, In this post we are going to be giving you some reasons why Nigerian students should not overlook going to study in Philippines.

When you talk about one of the world most educational oriented country, you can comfortable call Philippines. Philippines may not be world power or ranked top economy but their universities are ranked top in the world. The friendly and association with top students is something especial and of a good remark.

They are internationally accredited and recognize by world institutions and employers and with English, as an official language and language of study.

Without wasting much of your time let’s show you 8 reasons i think Nigerian Students should consider Philippines when choosing country of study.

8 Reasons Why Nigerians Students Must Consider Studying In Philippines

Low Cost of Living

From the consultation i made before i complied this article, Philippines cost of living is very much low compare to other top countries of the world. With just a little you can be able to secure a very good apartment. Food, clothing and other items are very affordable.

English As official Language & Language of Study

Their is this popular view about English not official language or language of study of Philippines. Yes it may not be but Philippines are good with English and their language of study is English. So you have no cause to worry.

Friendly Citizens/Native

Philippines is a very beautiful city bless with good weather and not just that very easy going people with a large heart and as a foreign students believe me they have special treatment for you.

International Accredited Universities

Trying checking top universities in the world, Philippines have a wide range of dominance they. I know of university of Philippines & De La Salle University as top and recognized university that offer admission to foreign students if their meet the requirement.

High Level Of Security

You and i know Philippines is among world most peaceful countries and they value their foreign students in their various universities, Their is also 24/7 power supply in their universities with CCTV cameras installed over the schools walls.

Good Education Program

If not for good education program, Philippines could not have been a good place to go and study. The Philippines government have invested much to improve the education sector over the years.

Culture & Fun

When it comes to being friendly and playful, I give it to Filipinos. You don’t need to worry about adapting since there’s not much to adapt to, because of numerous foreigners in the country all over the years.

Easy Application of Admission

Unlike some other country universities that allows students to pass through difficulties in the process of admission. Philippines is much loose in terms of accepting foreign student since its aim is to admit lots of international students and promote the education system of the country. Check it out Here.

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