American Visa Lottery 2019-How To Apply For American Visa Lottery Application Form

American Visa Lottery 2019

American Visa Lottery 2019-How To Apply For American Visa Lottery Application Form-The American visa lottery 2019 is out and available for foreigners to apply. Apply for American visa lottery today and migrate to American with fully funded visa lottery programme. Foreigners can apply for a USA permanent Resident Card, also know as green card in this immigration program, if they also meet the second eligibility requirement described below.

To be selected for the USA Diversity Visa Lottery, you should be a foreigner resident or national not conceived in the United States of America, from a nation with a low migration rate to the United States.

Maybe you have been looking through the web day and night searching for the immediate method to apply for the American Visa Lottery, how might you feel in the event that we educate you that your inquiry is finished? Because this article will guide you on everything you need to know about American visa lottery application form 2019.

Please note: American visa lottery does not cost a dime once you have been selected to avoid people giving you fake visa form in exchange of money.

The American visa lottery 2019 official website remains the official place to apply for the visa lottery programm. Follow the guide below and apply.

To effectively and successfully apply for this American Visa lottery, you are required to fill a form on the web, the form is most times referred as DS-5501, and this form must be gotten to when the DV registration is on.

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American visa lottery is never done first come first serve, so disregard any information telling you need to apply first to be considered. As the names visa lottery, you maybe selected even when you are the last person to apply.

However, make sure all the required documents are sent accordingly so that you will have a successfully application as well stands to be selected.

American Visa Lottery 2019-How To Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should not waste any time again for an opportunity to leave, work and stay in America have presented itself again. Get started.

Click here to apply for America visa lottery 2019

Once you successfully register the entry, you will see a confirmation screen that contains your name and a unique confirmation number. Print this confirmation screen for your records. You will need this confirmation number in order to verify your application.


  • FULL NAME– Last/Family Name in Capital letters, First/Given Name, Middle Name
  • DATE OF BIRTH – Day, Month, Year
  • GENDER – Male or Female
  • COUNTRY WHERE YOU WERE BORN – The name of the country that is currently in use for the place where you were born.
  • ENTRY PHOTOGRAPH(S) – All photographs used must be recent, family or group photos are not allowed.
  • PHONE NUMBER –Put an active phone line.
  • E-MAIL ADDRESS –Put an active email address.
  • WHAT IS THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF EDUCATION YOU HAVE ACHIEVED, AS OF TODAY? You must indicate which one of the following represents your own highest level of educational achievement: (1) Primary school only, (2) High school, no degree, (3) High school degree, (4) Vocational school, (5) Some university courses, (6) University degree, (7) Some graduate level courses, (8) Master degree, (9) Some doctorate level courses, and (10) Doctorate degree
  • MARITAL STATUS – Unmarried, Married, Divorced, Widowed, or Legally Separated
  • NUMBER OF CHILDREN– Total number of children.
  • SPOUSE INFORMATION – Name, Date of Birth, Gender, City/Town of Birth, Country of Birth, and Photograph.
  • CHILDREN INFORMATION – Name, Date of Birth, Gender, City/Town of Birth, Country of Birth, and Photograph.
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Please note: Do not include names of family members who are already citizens of America.

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