International Health Insurance for Employees

International Group Insurance Plans for Companies and Employees Abroad-Over the past 15 years, more and more companies are sending their employees internationally to conduct business. As a result, companies are now looking into alternatives to their current health insurance to find an international health insurance better suited to accommodate the international lifestyle of their employees.

Whether your team is traveling overseas for short trips or are planning to relocate overseas, it is important to ensure that your employees are properly covered no matter where they are throughout the world.

International Citizens works together with companies from all around the world to find international health insurance solutions. Whether you are looking for an international health insurance policy that will cover your employees at home and abroad or if you are looking for a plan that will just cover them overseas, International Citizens is well suited to customizing an insurance plan to meet the needs of your employees.

If you are looking for insurance for working abroad or would like to look into international group insurance options for your employees, please contact our licensed agents to help find solutions for your company.

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Some Typical Scenarios for Employees Working Abroad

  • A group of international consultants is coming to your home offices for a 3-month assignment
  • You are hiring new international employees who will be moving abroad for an extended period of time
  • Your CEO travels across the globe and needs additional coverage and benefits not provided in your corporate plan.
  • You are sponsoring an international conference for your salesforce and want to protect your investment should it get canceled and cover your workers while they are outside of their home country

Providing your workers with the proper international medical and travel insurance will ensure your company can breathe easy; your staff will be insured should any unexpected events arise while they are working outside their home country.

Why is International Insurance Necessary for My Employee Group

As the person in charge of corporate benefits or travel for staff working internationally, it is your responsibility to make sure your team is aware of the risks that could happen in their travel destination. Because these workers are being sent overseas to represent your corporation, it is crucial they are properly insured to protect against unforeseen accidents, injuries, or trip cancellations. We want them to be able to carry out their work assignments free of worry.

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