Temporary Resident Visa: Things You Must Know

Temporary Resident Visa: Things You Must Know. there are different things to know about the temporary resident visa. They are.,

Temporary Resident Visa: The temporary resident visa is that visa which shows that you meet the Canadian requirements for a temporary resident. Persons from the visa exempt country do not need this visa to enter Canada they only apply for the Electronic Travel Authorization though this is needed only if you are travelling by air but by land you do not need it.

How A Friend Or Family Member can Obtain The Temporary Resident Visa

For your friend or family member to obtain the temporary resident visa, he has to first apply from outside the country. Then a letter of invitation has to be provided by you to them stating ways you could help them in visiting the country though the invitation letter does not guarantee that the person will actually receive the visa.

Documents Required For The Application

The documents required for the temporary resident visa application are your passport, your return ticket, financial proof and any other needed documents.

Duration Of Stay

Your duration of stay if you have the temporary resident visa depends on if the visa has a stamp or handwritten date on it but if not you will stay for only about 6 months.

Study Using The Temporary Resident visa

You can study with the Temporary Resident Visa only if you will stay less than 6 months if not you have to apply for a study permit and if you are a member of a foreign armed force under the Visiting Forces Act, you can study with this visa also your minor children can study at the elementary level if you are on a work permit.


If you are coming into Canada on a business trip, then you have to apply for this visa except you are from a visa exempt country.

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